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We are a Future Driven
AI Company.

Defining new technologies with Artificial Intelligence.

At Cosmos AI we're building the latest Artificial Intelligence solutions for software and hardware devices. As our company grows, so do our ambitions, hence we invite you to try Cosmos AI and tell us your ideas about what you'd like us to create next.

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About Cosmos AI

Our Services & Products

Artificial Intelligence helps businesses and every-day people improve their lives,
start new projects, scale companies or have a good time - and this is why we've
ventured to build new useful tools at affordable prices for both people
interested in lifestyle products and business applications.

AI SaaS Platform

Cosmos AI is the IPO from our Artificial Intelligence products. A dashboard with all the latest online AI tools.

Latest AI Programs

We're passionate about technology and creating new products/services for our customers everywhere.

Custom AI Experiences

If you'd like to hire our team and work on new futuristic technologies - please feel free to get in touch.

Project Management

Drafting online AI solutions for B2C & B2B.

Initial Launch

Cosmos AI website launch with initial AI features.

AI SaaS Platform

AI dashboard for content, images, code, voice, and more.

AI Tech Discovery

Building new and exciting AI tools and devices for everyone.

Cosmos AI specializes in
AI for Business & Lifestyle.

  • Built by leading tech startups

    Combining the latest AI trends as a future oriented company built by Neo Media Agency & Chaos Digital.

  • Provides AI integration to your company

    We can help, whether you're looking to add AI tools into your products or create new software or hardware.